Vacuum cleaners types

When we say vacuum cleaner, we think to dust, but there are other types to suck up other things!

Some hoovers can suck up liquids, and some big vacuum cleaners for industrial market are able to eat everything: liquid, dust, chips, gravel...

Some also have a rotating brush to take off dirtinesses simultaneously. A bit like the small retractile brush on our home vacuum cleaners.

Today we can also find robotic "vacuum" cleaners which don't need any person. These machines propel themselves in patterns across a floor, cleaning surface dust and debris into their dustbin. They usually can navigate around furniture and find their recharging stations! Most robotic "vacuum" cleaners are designed for home use, although there are more capable models for operation in offices, hotels, hospitals, etc...

In an other domain, the vapor machines are a powerful cleaning tool for the fitteds carpet, panes or tilings (only things resisting the vapor of course, not wood!). These "vapor plants" are however less practical to handle, and requires to suck up dust after.
They are somehow efficient and can (surely) eliminate more microbes because of their heat.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner "death to dust!"
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