The Dyson's vacuum cleaners


The Dyson vacuum cleaner work without any bag because of a bright cyclonic process wich push dust on the sides and expulse cleaner air than other vacuum cleaner.

Dyson is a british company founded et directed by James Dyson, he became famous because of this invention of bagless vacuum cleaners. Now Dyson sell more cleaners in USA and UK than Hoover.

We can consider Dyson products as the only bagless vacuum cleaners realy efficient. The dust collects in a detachable, cylindrical collection vessel. Air and dust are blown at high speed into the collection vessel, creating a vortex. The dust particles and other debris move to the outside of the vessel by centrifugal force, where they fall because of gravity, and clean air from the center of the vortex is expelled from the machine after passing through a number of successively finer filters.

The filters must regularly be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the machine continues to perform efficiently. Dyson and several other companies have introduced cyclone models, including Hoover. Their price are still more expensive than a conventional cleaner. Some people also say that they make a more disturbing noise.

The prices in USA from Yahoo and in UK from Ciao.

Cyclone technology

"The Root Cyclone technology in Dyson vacuum cleaners separates dirt and dust from the air by centrifugal force and collecting it in a bin. This means a Dyson doesn't rely on a bag or filter and doesn't lose suction.
It doesn't rely on a filter that clogs, so suction remains constant, room after room after room."

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