Choose a vacuum cleaner

The most common vacuum cleaners for home used are "canister" composed with a flexible and a unit with motor and bag.

They are mounted on wheels, and you must be careful they are big enough to work on thick carpets.

Those cleaners can be found from price from 30/40 $/€ to more than 500/700 $/€. They use bags, even if bagless cleaners take more importance, they don't bring a better comfort.

Bagless vaccum cleaners have a filters system you must clean or change, and you still need to empty the vessel. It seems that only Dyson are really efficient in this category, but they make more noise. Read the Dyson page.

Proline vaccum cleanerMost of the people will buy a machine between 50€ and 150€ or $80 and $200., but you must know the cheaper price near 40 are enough for a small appartment with 1 or 2 rooms. A larger house would require more power to have an effective cleaning.

The choice of power depends a lot on numbers and thickness of carpets, cushions... you have to clean. 2000 watts must be appropriate for a mojority of homes. Don't forget that electricity comsommation rises up with power.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner "death to dust!"
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